About Us


A Sober Hangout for Players…

“We live in a world lit by lightning. After the flash, we’re blind again.” – T-Bone Burnett

“You can’t have a light, without a dark to stick it in” – Arlo Guthrie

“I don’t think I’m easy to talk about.I’ve got a very irregular head. And I’m not anything that you think I am anyway” – Syd Barrett

Arcade A Sober Hangout for Players… but not only players. And not only sober folks.

And not just musicians, but all who have art in their hearts. Poets, painters, computer artists, dancers, actors, photographers… All have a home here. Playing a musical instrument will certainly not be required to join www.sobermusicians.com. Although a love of music of all kinds will surely help, there will be absolutely no requirements to become a member. Sober Musicians’s goal is to become an online support community, for artists and art lovers, and their friends and families, who have dealt with, or are still dealing with alcoholism and/or addiction.

Our aim is to help one another. Although you will see here and there references and links to particular recovery programs, it is our wish that Sober Musicians remain non denominational. There are plenty other forums on the Web to join and argue the merits of our recovery programs, if we have one. With that said, let this be our Mission Statement, for lack of a simpler term. …My friend Gooch calls it our Tablature. A place for sober artists of every stripe, or those sobering up. A Sober Studio if you will, that our music and art may thrive beyond our addiction.

One more crucial thing, folks… You gotta be wanting to have fun if you visit the forums!

The Volunteer Team

We’re all here doing work when we can to help run the website but we do have jobs and do our best to update the site